#FlashFiction Challenge: Car or Crazy

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Here’s my contribution to the July 18 #FlashFiction Challenge: Car or Crazy
posted in Flash Fiction Challenge by Zenobia Renquist and Theme by Stephanie Burke.


Screaming at last night’s hockey game made my voice scratchy. I sing along with the radio anyway. So what if I sound like a stray cat in heat.

I add a jaunty head bob. It’s butt early and my oxygen blue Mini Cooper is one of the few cars heading north on Lake Shore Drive.

A bumper sticker and the hickies covering my torso proclaim me a Chicago Wolves super fan. I ramp up team spirit by having pre-game locker room sex with the defensemen. Nothing gets my blood pumping like the D-men, who don’t mind spending time in my penalty box.

“Slut.” The insult hits me like a slap.

Is my itty bitty car daring to pass judgment?

“Behave or I won’t take you to the charity car wash. One more word and you’ll miss out on having a dozen shirtless hockey players soaping you up.”


Thought so.