#FlashFiction Challenge: Last Call

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Here’s my contribution to the August 15 #FlashFiction Challenge: Last Call
posted in Flash Fiction Challenge by Zenobia Renquist and Theme by Stephanie Burke.


A cowboy, a monk, and an incubus (succubus works too) all walk into a bar… This is not a joke. They walk into the bar and head straight for you with a proposition you can’t refuse…

I peek around Mr. Tall, Dark and Way-Too-Sexy-To-Be-Human. “What’s with Friar Tuck and the Marlboro Man? Did you guys step out of a lame joke?”

The warm breath of the incubus tickles my ear and I fight off the powers of his pheromones. Alcohol was my drug tonight. Not sex.

“We need your telepathy.” He drops an uncut diamond on my cocktail napkin. “Reveal which of us has double crossed the others.”

“Bourbon. Leave the bottle.” I shout to the barman and place my palm on the forehead of the incubus.

A porn movie featuring the incubus, a water nymph and satyr runs in my head accompanied with a Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow soundtrack. When a unicorn gallops in, I break the connection. Yikes.

I sift through the monk’s thoughts next. Other than an obsession with Japanese anime cats, berry wine coolers and Jenga, he’s clean.

Before I can connect with cowboy guy, he draws a knife and exits the bar, the incubus on his heels.

The monk sits down next to me.

I slide the jewel into my pocket and order him a Zima, ready to hear his strange tale and talk Hello Kitty afterwards.