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The first three stories in the Devil May Care series (Devil Inside, The Devil You Know, and Devil in a Blue Dress) are now available in print in the Devil May Care Trilogy.


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Bonus Story in the World of Devil May Care:

Impishly Yours (Devil May Care #5)










Sixx’s idea of a perfect vacation? A stripclub bender – until a spellbinding witch alters his plans.

An imp, granted twenty-four hours in human form, plans to hunt down his stripper dream girl to make his perverted fantasies a reality. Before he begins his strip club bender, his spellbinding witch chaperone alters his plans. Elle is tempted to engage in a romp with the sexelicious faux human, but she’s pledged to auction off her virginity to help her coven rebound from bankruptcy. While the clock ticks down, she must decide who deserves the whipped cream with her cherry on top — HornyHenry, the current high bidder, or the imp who stole her heart.

Bonus Story in the World of Devil May Care:

Falling For Her (Devil May Care #4)

Falling for Her won second place in the 2016 OKRWA International Digital Awards contest.

Kristoff’s been alone too long. A matchmaking lust demon has the cure – a blind date with a witch.

A millennia ago a woman’s betrayal resulted in the loss of Kristoff’s wings and his banishment from heaven. Forever lonely, he seeks a companion to spend eternity with in his own personal hell dimension.

Xanthe, a matchmaking lust demon, has the perfect cure – a blind date with a witch. But when Chandra offers Kristoff sexual healing, will he go through with his plan to keep her forever, or will falling for the beautiful witch be his undoing?

FFH Cover

Book three in the Devil My Care Trilogy:

Devil in a Blue Dress

One lust demon, two hot men, plus some supernatural shenanigans equals one unforgettable wedding.

What’s a lust demon to do?

All of Xanthe’s heart’s desires are coming true. She’s a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding and in charge of the bachelorette party. Her boyfriend, True, is extra limber and up for sex whenever and wherever she wants. Everything is just too perfect — on the surface, anyway.

She suspects her sexual appetites are taking their toll on True. And the wedding festivities just aren’t as festive as she imagined. Enter Ray Perry, a bad boy with a dark past. He’s every bit as dominant as True is submissive, but an evil imp with a penchant for porn has a contract out on him.

When she discovers a vile plot to sabotage the wedding, Xanthe fights to save the day and her sexy men — one of whom holds her heart and the other her soul.


Book two of the Devil May Care Trilogy: 

The Devil You Know

Nothing ruins a sex magic ritual like summoning a devil you know.

Natalie Owens agrees to perform a sex magic ritual to help her crush, dreamy Ben Nixon, summon a familiar. Being just friends with Ben after a night of magically enhanced sex will be next to impossible, but the hot steamy encounter might be enough to stop her ex-husband’s new fiancée from playing matchmaker.
But instead of a familiar, they summon a naked lust demon — who seems to know Natalie.


Book one of the Devil May Care Trilogy:

Devil Inside


A costumed angel and a genuine – and sexy – devil share a life changing night of passion.

Blake Owens, a fourth generation demon from the second circle of hell, is used to masquerading as human. Arianna Prince, dressed in a sexy angel costume, seduces him at a party and proves to be a genuine damsel in distress. If he wants more than a one-night stand, he must come out of the supernatural closet to harness his demonic power.

Until she meets Blake, Arianna believes her immediate future involves sex with a creepy shifter and death while giving birth to its offspring. Blake takes the term “sexy devil” to the next level by actually possessing horns and a tail.

Blake may be just the guy to give Arianna pleasure beyond her wildest dreams and save her from her stepmother’s deadly plans.


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