Flash fiction

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Here’s my contribution to the July 4 #FlashFiction Challenge: Hostile Takeover
posted in Flash Fiction Challenge by Zenobia Renquist

FFC: Hostile Takeover
THEME: When you get to work, your whole division has been taken over by vampires and one of them wants to make you his new toy.

I sported an oversized T-shirt with my team’s logo of a cartoon beaver and a bad attitude. Mandatory attire for the departmental team building session. The critter gave a bucktoothed grin from in between my breasts. Classy, right?

At the center of the room a delicious looking man in a power suit commanded attention.

Damn, at least the consultant was hot.

My lame coworkers had assembled into some weird puppy pile in the corner. Gross.

“May I be excused from the trust exercise?”

The consultant’s sensuous lips opened to reveal twin fangs. “A toy worthy of my attention.”

Sweet. I was Team Edward all the way. Vampires rule and werewolves drool. “What do you have in mind?”

He crooked a finger at me and I went to him.

Crap. He was so magnetic, I’d be tempted to go all James Spader’s Secretary and let him spank me and lead me around on a harness.

He tilted my head to the side and exposed my neck.

Anticipation turned me liquid.

His sharp teeth penetrated my flesh and I let out a moan. With each pull on my vein, my heart slammed in my chest.

He reached under my shirt to fondle my breast and I exploded with sensation.

I’m not sure if my coworkers were alive or dead, but the idea of them watching made the whole experience hotter.

He placed a sticker over the beaver’s head identifying me as a blood donor. “Tomorrow, we’re doing performance reviews.”

I couldn’t wait.