Wicked Game (Reindeer Games) Now Available!


Wicked Game (Reindeer Games) is now available!

All’s fair in love and war when the Reindeer Games are in play!

Santa didn’t give bad boy Elf Brody his Christmas wish. Instead of sexy Beryl, he’s stuck with goody-goody Holly for a partner. But Brody discovers the best gifts aren’t always wrapped in the fanciest paper and Holly is so sweet, she melts on his tongue.




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Coming Soon from Changeling Press: Breathe Me In


The first book in my new Crescent City series will be released soon from Changeling Press.

Breathe Me In (Crescent City #1)

Tired of facing immortality without love, John Rabbitt refuses to consume life energy — until his protege hires a stripper to dance for him.

Veronika Mason never would have agreed to fulfill her strange client’s every desire, but if she doesn’t pay off her ex-boyfriend’s gambling debts, the thug sent to collect the money may well follow through on his violent threats.

Having denied his late wife’s pleas to turn her into an energy vampire, John finds himself guilt-ridden when faced with the same decision again. Given a second chance, will he be able to transform Veronika to save her life? And his own?

Answering “The Call”



I am thrilled to announce that I just signed a three book contract with Changeling Press for the Devil May Care trilogy. The first story is Devil Inside.

You hear lots of stories about how authors receive “the call,” when a publisher calls or emails them to tell them they want to publish their book. My story goes like this.

My hubby and I were at a restaurant and had just finished chowing down a yummy breakfast. While we were waiting for the check, I pursued my Facebook, Twitter and then email.

When I started reading the email from Changeling, I got misty and kept muttering “OMG!” My hubby stared at me in horror.

After he asked “What?” a half dozen times, I handed him the phone.

I can’t remember what I ate, but it was the best ending to a breakfast ever.

Check out Changeling’s website: www.changelingpress.com.

I can’t wait to see the first book displayed there.