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Author Kenzie Mack shares seven surprises in her Reader’s Choice Moon Series.

Seven Surprises in the Moon Series

  1. John has a romance with Ebony, the She-Wolf. But he also has a romance with Ebony, the He-Wolf.
  2. John is never given a last name.
  3. Ebony, the pack’s alpha is not the oldest shifter in this group.
  4. As a fan of historical romance, one of Kenzie’s favorite scenes is Daniela’s Story in Moon Dances. A mini-tale inside of a novella. Fun!
  5. Kenzie loves humor and often has to cut it to avoid losing the tension in her scenes.
  6. The last book in this series, Moon Destiny, might change up the reader’s choice option by offering alternate endings for fans each story line. (She-Wolf and He-Wolf)
  7. Moon Secrets is the only book in the series which isn’t stand alone. Stand alone means ~ you don’t have to read the books before or after it to have a complete story.

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Moon Secrets (Moon Series #3) by Kenzie Mack

In order to secure his future with Ebony’s pack, John must bond with Nathan.  He joins the gruff and prickly shifter on a secret outing and learns there’s more to his skunk-haired pack mate than a bad attitude.  Nathan’s a skilled tracker.

A misty red trail leads them to the evil red-eyed Deceiver, haunting John’s nightmares since his bonding with Daniela.  Deceivers infiltrate shifter packs intent on wiping out this magical species.  The red trail leads to a shocking revelation—a deceiver lives among them.

John stands witness to a battle with the pack mate who betrayed them. The fight brings chaos, death and the early emergence of John’s special shifter talent.  Can his bond with Ebony and the remaining pack members survive the devastation?

Once again, the heat level of this adult tale and the decision to continue the story with Ebony in the form of a She-Wolf or He-Wolf is left in your hands.  Stick with your preferred character or twist things up.

Reader’s Choice offers you the best of both worlds.

Moon Secrets Readers Choice Tale


The front door opened and Anna fluttered in, offering a ray of hope and joy that only she could.  She scanned the pack’s tense faces and asked, “What’d I miss?”

Nate stepped forward and kissed her cheek.  “Nothing, Anna, I’m just heading back out on an errand.”

John reached out to stroke Ebb’s cheek, placing a soft kiss on it before walking to the door where Nathan waited.

Ebony followed and whispered, “Don’t let him get to you, Lover.”

John stopped and embraced Ebony.  “I’ll try, Ebb, I promise I’ll try, but he’s had it in for me from the start.”

Ebony’s hands moved over the two-week’s worth of stubble on John’s scalp.  Apparently after his first shift, anything more substantial than face shaving would re-grow within the hour.

His true love nibbled his lips, leaving a slight barbeque kick behind and melting his annoyance.  He sucked in Ebony’s tongue and slid his hands to cup Ebb’s fine ass.  Damn, he never tired of kissing his gorgeous mate.

“Cha-ca,” Aaron coughed.

“Later, everyone,” said Nathan, opening the door and exiting.

Ebony pulled back, holding John’s face and searching for something in his eyes.  “You are strong.”

John’s heart swelled.  He leaned in, pressing forehead to forehead with the love of his life.  “Nothing and no one could ever keep me from you.  You are mine.”

Their lips met in a gentle kiss.

“Nate’s heading south,” Anna announced like the most chipper newscaster in television history.

John sighed and left the restaurant, scanning the sidewalk for old skunk-head.  To his right, thirty feet away and moving fast, Nathan walked with purpose.

A sudden muscle spasm caused John to stretch his neck before jogging to catch up.

How bad could an outing with Skunky really be?

At Nate’s side, he matched his pace.  Skunk-head gave him a cold sideways glance through slitted lids.

Okay, it could be pretty damn bad.

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