#FlashFiction Challenge: Eat Me

This challenge gives me the opportunity to celebrate the release of John Wick and share my Keanu Reeves obsession with the world.

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Here’s my contribution to the August 29 #FlashFiction Challenge: Eat Me
posted in Flash Fiction Challenge by Zenobia Renquist and Theme by Julia Talbot

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There’s a bottle on your kitchen counter with a pill in it. The bottle is labeled Eat Me. What happens?

I shake the bottle labeled “eat me” over my mouth and swallow the tablet unsure if I’ll end up in the Matrix or down the rabbit hole. Hoping for Keanu Reeves over the Mad Hatter, I wait.

Every nerve ending sings and the sensation drops me to my knees. I giggle imagining opening credits proclaiming “Lily’s Excellent Adventure.”

It takes all my energy, but I shimmy out of my shorts, tank top and underwear. “Keanu? Bill? Ted? Um, Socrates?”

I was ready. Hell, I saw “Ronin 47” in 3-D so I could imagine Keanu up close and personal. Where was he? “Keanu?”

“Jeepers, Lil.” My neighbor stands over me, a horrified look on her face. “Were you watching Point Break again?”

“It would have been most excellent if he were actually here.”

“Get dressed. We need to find you a support group or something.”

“Bogus, dude,” I reply.