#FlashFiction Challenge: Rewrites

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Here’s my contribution to the July 11 #FlashFiction Challenge: Rewrites
posted in Flash Fiction Challenge by Zenobia Renquist and Theme by Shelby Morgen.


#FlashFiction Challenge: Rewrites
Your characters are tired of you ordering them to have sex with everyone else — they’ve decided your sex life needs work, and they’re writing you into their scene.

“I’ve done everything and everyone you asked me to, infernal human,” a velvety voice whispered in my ear. “Now it’s my turn to order you about.”

Xanthe leaned against my chair, her ruby skin shimmering.

“But….” I typed faster hoping to summon her back into the scene I was writing.

“You made me an insatiable nyphomanic lust demon.” Her tail whipped against my desk. “And you gave Balthazar a foot fetish.”

I shrugged. “That’s kind of my job.”

She scanned the condo. “Where’s the stud muffin?”

“Mr. Vega?”

“Yes, unless you have a pool boy or girl stashed around here.” Her gaze locked onto my toaster. “Do you have any smaller appliances?”

I didn’t like where this was headed. “Don’t you want your happy ever after?”

Her face transformed into an expression of wonder reserved for little girls holding kittens. “A HEA for me?”

“Yes, you deserve a great one.”